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The founder of Dancewave Center Jakarta, Mifta becomes one of belly dancers in Jakarta known for her uniqueness. Besides dancing gracefully, but expression becomes one of the most difficult techniques to be applied by a lot of belly dancers, but not for Mifta.

Pursuing belly dancing since 2005, Mifta has been invited to become a trainer for many workshops all across Indonesia, from Medan to Lombok. Mifta has been a part of the birth of belly dancers community in Indonesia. Her classes in Jakarta has been attended by other belly dance trainers who would love to improve their techniques and ability.

Mifta has become the lead choreographer in many performances, with her ability in dancing and acting, she managed to bring the character Dasima to life in the “Nyai Dasima” performance at Jakarta Art Building (2013) and also Roro Mendut in “Aku, Mendut” at Jakarta Art Building (2018).